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  • An online degree allows students to pursue their higher education goals without having to attend a traditional classroom. By making courses available over the internet, these programs allow students to earn degrees at a variety of different times and places.
  • So what is an online BBA? This acronym is short for Bachelors of Business Administration, which is meant to help students learn all about management and business theory. Although these degrees can be offered in specialized subject areas, there are also general options which focus on a range of different topics. Students may learn about marketing, financial planning, leadership, theory, human resources, or entrepreneurship. These degrees can also serve as a starting point for further education, such as a master’s degree or MBA.
  • Many advantages might be found from pursuing a BBA. For example, students may be able to improve important skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, which are highly sought after by employers. Additionally, having a bachelor’s degree is a good way to gain an edge in today’s competitive job market.
  • Potential students should take into account the financial considerations of earning one of these degrees. Due to variations in tuition and material costs, the total price of one of these degrees can vary by school. If you are interested in earning a BBA then be sure to contact your chosen institution for accurate information.
  • A variety of careers may be pursued with a BBA, but many students choose to work within the business world. They may become executives, managers, assistants, analysts, or consultants, working within areas ranging from human resources to marketing and accounting. Additionally, many students might decide to launch their own businesses, becoming entrepreneurs or small business owners.

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an interdisciplinary three years graduate degree programme offered by SGVU-DE. With BBA, graduates can either launch their professional career in top corporates or progress to pursue a PG programme. BBA offers students a core of mandatory courses in Computer Applications,General Business Law, Economics, Finance, Marketing and Management. On successful completion of the programme students will acquire adequate knowledge and skills in Communication Skills, Logical Reasoning, Business Management, Presentation Skills and Computer Applications besides achieving a remarkable improvement in their overall personality.

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